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I decided to move my blog to a dormant Tumblr account I forgot I had. It will serve me the best since I have such little time to actually write.

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Little Cheesehead on the Prairie

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An Open Letter To Joe Scarborough: This Is More Than About Mike Brown

Well said.

Jaylen Fryberg Is Not Your Indian Savage

This is something worth reading, especially the comments. I’ve noticed that when there is a debate involving Native Americans and their culture, the tone is almost always condescending. And like in any other issue involving white people who are blind to their own privilege talking about rights that others have to fight for and which they (whites) take for granted, those people who want equal rights and to be treated fairly are talked about in terms that suggest that these people are not human beings.

Righting Red

NOTE: This wasn’t an easy post to write. There are layers and layers of oppression here, and I’ve chosen the one I’m most familiar with: How the misrepresentation and misappropriation of Native culture hurts our youth. I’m not condoning the violence perpetrated by Jaylen, but I also refuse to condemn him. I see a beautiful boy who loved his culture, loved his parents, and loved his peers. And I also see a kid who was hurting in so many ways, a kid society failed miserably. We can do better. Prayers for all the families involved.

It didn’t take long for news outlets to turn real-life tragedy into some spaghetti western hopped up on Shakespeare Friday.

Jaylen Fryberg, a 14-year-old freshman at Marysville-Pilchuch High School in Washington state, shot and injured four students and killed a girl and himself Friday during lunch.

Fryberg was Native American, and a citizen of the

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Tuesday Randomness


Seven days from now (as of the time I’m typing this), I will officially be a college student. I’m equal parts excited, nervous and wanting to pinch myself because I can’t believe this is actually happening.

College was something that I had, when I was younger, convinced myself I didn’t deserve, nor was I worthy of going.  It didn’t matter that I am really, really smart. I always heard growing up how incompetent I was.

College was one of the very deep issues behind my anxiety and depression. I deeply regretted not going, not so much for the degree, but the opportunity to learn and be challenged. And it’s not that I didn’t try to go to college–I did. When I was 28 I was ready to do it, but then other things happened and that was that.


The protests in Ferguson, MO have made the news. It seems on a nightly basis that the police are violating people’s constitutional rights (like freedom of the press) while other people come in from out of town to cause trouble.  I’m not going to get into a big debate on this story, as I’m still trying to sort out the facts from the distractions, but as this story unfolds, you’d think that it would be the top trending topic on Twitter.


While people were getting tear-gassed in Missouri or dying from Ebola, everyone was more concerned with the fact that Johnny Douchewaffle Football Manziel, flipped off the Washington Redskins’ bench. They were so concerned, that in the span of 5 minutes, my Twitter feed was filled with images of the rookie QB flipping the bird.

It’s nice to know where our priorities lie.


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And finally, because I love music so much, I leave you with a song…

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I love this particular video because of those audience shots of people just having a really good time. It puts me in a good mood.


Temporary Home

My blog will have a temporary home until I get the issues with my web host resolved.

I’m not even sure exactly what the problem is, but it’s a host issue that was messing up WordPress. When I get the old blog back up and running, there will be a few changes.

In the meantime, have a Happy Independence Day if you’re an American, Happy Birthday if you’re celebrating one today, or Happy Friday.


As American As Drunkeness and Playing With Explosives