This is the Best Thing I’ve Seen All Day

I was camping this past weekend and I had no idea that this Pokemon Go was a thing or that everyone and their uncles were playing it. I guess it sounds like fun, but I don’t think it’s something that the local news should devote the first ten minutes of the newscast for. Anyway, in one of the multitude of articles about this game, I came across this quote.

“The Westboro Baptist Church is fighting back, using one of the most commonly known Pokémon: Jigglypuff. …



The best thing I heard all day was the song Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones…while I was eating at Ruby Tuesday’s, the restaurant.



Some of My Favorite Tweets from 2014

Here are some of my favorite Tweets from the past year. I favorite a lot of stuff, and this is just a sampler platter of some of the funnier ones.  Wanna see them? They’re after the jump.

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Fox Sports is Obsessed with the Peen and I’ve Got Proof

This came over my FB feed on Sunday afternoon…

Or maybe someone's just glad to see him??
Thank goodness it’s not a tumescent dick in his back.  I hear those are especially painful.

If Rivers ends up having surgery, I wonder if they’re going to have to put a rod in there?


Moving on…

Usually, it’s Daryl “Moose” Johnston who usually wears the fugly outfits that really screw with your vision, especially in HD.  Not today.  Check out the snowman on Kenny Albert’s sweater.


I guess the other snowman is unhappy because it’s a eunuch.

If your team clinched a playoff spot today, congrats. If not, then there’s always next year.

Yet Another Article About South Dakota Written By Someone Who Just Googled Everything

I see these types of articles posted on my Facebook feed from time to time. They come from, which is a real estate website. The purpose, I guess, is to use articles like this to convince someone why it would be good to move to a particular place or even as a help to newcomers so they fit in.

The problem is, these articles are not always accurate. South Dakota is a big state. Unlike other states, many people do not live in close approximation to the bigger cities of Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

In the interest of helping people avoid being embarrassed when they come to visit or live here, I present the non-Google, person who actually lives here POV: 22 Words That Don’t Mean to South Dakotans What The Author of This Article Found on Google in response to this article.

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