About Me

Hi. I’m going to tell you a little about me through this totally bogus Frequently Asked Questions format.

1. Who in the hell are you anyway?

My name is Kathy Kramer and I am the blogger/writer/woman behind the curtain in charge of this place. Some people even say I’m funny.

2. Why do you call this blog Little Cheesehead on the Prairie? 

Because I can.

I kid. I call it this because I am a transplanted Wisconsinite living in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I’m also a huge Laura Ingalls Wilder Fan Girl.

Laura Ingalls Wilder was also a Cheesehead. I bet you didn’t know that.

3. Speaking of LIW, have you ever been to–

Yes, I have been to DeSmet, South Dakota. It’s about a two hour drive from Sioux Falls. In fact, we like to go camping at Lake Thompson.

4. Hey, if you’re free, can we hook up?

No. I’m married. There are things that my husband does that I doubt you could match. Plus he makes me laugh at inopportune times at inappropriate things. I’m keeping him.

5. What’s this rumor about you and being a Packers fan?

It’s not a rumor. I am a Packers fan and I have been since I was a little kid. The Packers were terrible when I was a kid. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but from as early as I can remember up until the early 1990s, I got tired of hearing my parents’ generation and those who remembered how great the Lombardi Era was constantly talking about it.  I have not felt this way since Mike Holmgren’s tenure as coach and the return to glory.

6. Does this mean you’re a better Packers fan than I am?

Only if you act like a fair-weather douchecanoe on social media or you tell me how I’m supposed to be a “real fan”.

I hate bandwagon fans. Bandwagon fans are people who stop liking a team when that team hits a rough patch or two, or thirty years’ worth of them, but try to climb back on the bandwagon the minute the team’s fortunes change.

7. How old are you?

Instead of having to update this page annually, the answer to this lies in a math problem. Take the current year and subtract 1970 from that. You will get my age.  Bonus: My birthday is in January, so the answer is only wrong from January 1-22.

8. Why South Dakota? Why not somewhere cool like New York or California or Portland?

South Dakota is a very beautiful state which also has a very rich history. I mean, come on…Deadwood and that potty-mouthed Al Swearingen. Calamity Jane is buried here. So is Wild Bill Hickock. And Sitting Bull. Wounded Knee happened in this state. Lewis & Clark spent quite a bit of time here as they traveled up the Missouri River on their journey. They make palaces out of corn and carve people into mountains here. And Wall Drug and Al’s Oasis.

Plus the cost of living is lower and it’s only an 8 hour drive back to Wisconsin to visit the family.

The state fair has a wine tasting pavilion.

Why not, South Dakota?

9. Can you show us a picture of yourself?

It was already on the first page. However, I will post a cartoon version of myself here.

six more weeks of PMS


10. Why must you be so sassy?

I’ll let you in on a secret. Back in Wisconsin, there is a secret stash of “special” cheese that, when eaten, makes one sassy for life. That’s all I can share with you. They move it around from location to location so it’s never in the same place once.

11. Where’s your niche?

I don’t have one, nor do I want one. Niches are for conformists. I’m a rebel.

12. I was looking for a post about the benefits of the Moon Cup. Where can I find it?

On someone else’s blog. I rarely do sponsored posts.

13. When is your next giveaway?

I’ve never had a giveaway. I don’t do them. It’s not to say that I won’t ever do one, but it would have to be under certain circumstances. Plus I’m allergic to Rafflecopter and I won’t make you spam all of your friends just to win something from me.

14. Then what do you do?

I write about whatever is on my mind or I share some of the weird and disturbing crap I find on Pinterest.

15. Can I share this blog with my 10 year old?

My filter breaks from time to time, so no, it’s not a good idea to let your ten year old read this. If I wanted to write for children, I’d write children’s books. It’s also not my job to police what your kids see online.

16. Why are you so bitchy sometimes?

I’m going through perimenopause right now. My hormones are out of control. Mother Nature has to get her last dig in before my cooter dries up and I have to ask my doctor for a prescription for Osphena.

17. You said something I don’t like. What should I do?

Here’s a handy graphic to illustrate the procedure-

what to do with your opinion


Seriously, I welcome comments and debate, but if you are going to debate me you’d better be ready with facts and leave the ad hominem attacks, approved talking points (and both sides have them), passive-aggressiveness and strawmen at home, because if you try to debate me with any of these, I will call you out.

18. Is it true that you’re going back to school?

Yes. I will be a student of South Dakota State University (via the University Center in Sioux Falls) and I will be majoring in psychology. I had a gap year that turned into 26 years. I picked psychology because I have had my own issues with mental health and studying psychology means I will have a STEM career, I can better understand my own issues, but mostly, I want to help other people with mental illness in some capacity, either by becoming a counselor or doing research or working in a behavioral health/group home type setting.

19. Are there any fun facts about you?

There are a few.

  • I’m distantly related to a former President of the United States. Gerald Ford is my sixth cousin, twice removed. I discovered this during the two week free trial for Ancestry.com.
  • I share a birthday with Richard Dean Anderson. You probably know him better as MacGuyver. 
  • I taught myself how to play the piano when I was 11.
  • My first car was a Ford Pinto. I was so ashamed because it was 1988 and there was a stigma attached to Ford Pintos. On the plus side, I learned how to drive a stick shift in that car.
  • I don’t like beer because it gives me gas. I prefer wine instead.

Any other questions?


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